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What is TrustMeUp?
What is TrustMeUp exactly?
What is TrustMeUp exactly?

Overview and key concepts

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TrustMeUp is the only international web platform that transforms every purchase into a donation and rewards 100% every donation in discounts for purchases.

The platform is based on two main flows:

Donate by Shopping: for each purchase in shops in our Shopping Gallery you can allocate part of the cost for free to a favorite charity.

Donate, Receive and Shop: with TrustMeUp, donors are rewarded 100% with discounts called PACs (1 Euro = 1 PAC) which can be used within our Shopping Gallery, allowing them to obtain discounts on all purchases made in the PAC Stores.

TrustMeUp instantly rewards every donor for the donations made and it does it in a transparent way.

Who we serve?

Donors & Buyers: every donation is rewarded 100% in PAC discounts. PACs, can be used to shop on our Shopping Gallery (aka: PAC Stores). Donors have the option of choosing one or more non-profits/charities' campaigns to support.

Non-Profits: through our platform, Non-Profits and Charities can raise funds for their projects. TrustMeUp rewards their donors and increases their trust and sense of belonging, thanks to the maximum reliability and transparency in the management of donations.

Merchants: the TrustMeUp Shopping Gallery is a powerful sales and promotion tool that is helping E-commerce and online Merchants to increase their sales by doing good.

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